Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Joy (in photos)

 Excited for Christmas morning!

 We couldn't get him to open the rest of his stocking because he was so enamored with the "tandy tans"
 I'm thinking Bekah was just as excited as he was when the blanket came off of the workbench
 Look how happy she is with that doll (Our Generation by Target)
 Money is a tween girl's best friend =) (she used most of her loot to buy gifts for her buddies) My girl has a giving heart.
 Look at Bekah's face in the background.  She and Megan went together with the money we gave them to get him some Yu-gi-oh cards and they wrapped them each individually.  It took him quite a while to open. 
 Jason has been wanting to add some video options for his web clients and needed some lighting so that is what the kids got for him
 Who doesn't love princesses?!
 Megan lost her phone several weeks ago and was so excited to get a new one in orange (one of her favorite colors)
 As many of my friends posted, diabetes never gives us a break, even on Christmas (this was found after cleaning up most of the wrap etc)
 They match!  (thanks to a little shop I found on etsy)
 a closer photo of the pump pouch thanks to Penny for the suggestion and T and J designs for creating such a great thing.  I ordered a matching one for Bekah (see below-sorry for the blur).  Bekah has had a blast changing her doll's site and bolusing her for meals. 


  1. sounds like you all had an awesome Christmas. Heres to an awesome year to follow :)

  2. Love, love, love the pictures!!! Everyone looks so happy! I'm glad that your Christmas was filled with such joy :)


    Thanks for sharing the pics!!!!! I **LOVE** seeing pics of my DOC pals :)

    Your family is beautiful and I'm going to need to keep those dolls in the back of my brain FOR SURE!

    PS -- Got a surprise ornament in the mail today...LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!! Absolutely precious and I will treasure it FOREVER!

  4. AWWW...great pix Heidi. The test strip one was funny (and sad).

    I am glad you guys had a fabulous Christmas and love my "hope" ornament too! I needed that yesterday! (((HUGS))) good friend. xoxo

  5. Looks like you had a great Christmas! Love the pics!

  6. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. I just love all the pictures!