Wednesday, December 15, 2010

$5 sprinkles

Today was candy train day for Bekah's class.  I have to say those teachers are brilliant!  They have the kids all chew sugar-free gum while building their trains. Much less sugar is put in their mouths that way, pure genius!  Bekah is so good about not eating anything with out approval that I knew I didn't have to worry but wanted to be there for this fun event not to hover and be a D-mom but to be a mom of a first grader on her holiday party day to pitch in and have fun.  It was fun!  I even took David his own little bag of treats. 

Each child brought in some candy and then it was all divided up and each one was given a little paper tub (the kind you get with your burger basket at some fast food joints) filled with candy. Our contribution to the mix of confections was sprinkles.  As I looked at the unthinkable number of carbs in those baskets, I took a deep breath and just enjoyed watching all of the kids have fun with it, knowing that tonight would probably be the BG roller coaster ride from hell. My guess is that even the most proficient of pancreata would have trouble SWAGging all of those carbs and bolusing accordingly.  After the fun was had and the locomotives were packaged up for their ride home, the kids went to PE.  Pre PE BG check was 214 (I couldn't get Bekah to wash her hands in the sink, she wanted to use a baby wipe and was pretty crabby about it) hmm crabby, red flag #1, as we walked to PE she began to cry, red flag #2, (I got Bekah to tell me that she had forgotten to put sprinkles on her train and that was what she was upset about) I asked Bekah if we should check her BG again, or did she feel low.  I got a big fat NO! red flag #3 I was able to calm the tears with a promise of sprinkles when we got home to add to the already oozing with simple sugars train. I took one look at her teacher and she nodded.  I love that we speak the same language, we both knew that 214 was hogwash.  No sooner were the kids sitting on their scooters than she had Bekah drinking a juice box "just in case".   Post PE # was 110.  Great job teach!

I had to run into Target for something real quick anyway so while Bekah was doing the PE thing I ran my errand.  I had a sleeping toddler in my arms so I was determined to make it quick.  Got my item and went on to find sprinkles.  I walked up and down the holiday aisles and then up and down the food aisles, no sprinkles.  Again I walk up and down the holiday aisles, panic is starting to hit as I think of Bekah's sad face and those big fat tears that were rolling down her face.  My heart is racing.  Then I think I shouldn't spoil her like this she needs to just suck it up, after all there was already enough candy on that train to choke a horse, why did she need more sugar.  That thought lasted about a second until I was almost in tears thinking about all she deals with every day, it's just sprinkles.  They have to be here somewhere!  I did not want to go in to another store and chance waking up my sweet sleeping little guy.  I chased down a clerk and she and I walked the aisles together.  Finally there they were on the end cap.  $5!!  I would not usually in my right mind pay $5 for a bottle of sprinkles.  This is my daughter and those big sad eyes came to mind again.  I probably would have paid $20 for that bottle if I had to.  Go ahead tell me I am spoiling her...

On another note the post illness insulin resistance has seemed to come to a halt.  Except for the 214, all her numbers today began with a 1! =)  (this is not medical advice) Here is what I did to get through it; temp basal increase during the day and correct, correct , correct through the night.  I was afraid to set a temp basal for night.  Her ISF probably needed to be adjusted too but again I am chicken when it comes to being too aggressive with this stuff.  I would rather check every hour and correct than to risk a low in the night while she is sleeping.  Thank you all for your advice!  Now that I have said it, the candy will probably send her in to a tail spin and numbers will go back up.  I did enjoy seeing those beautiful numbers today though.

And now for your viewing pleasure my little conductor creating her engine: 


  1. she is worth every penny and then some :)

  2. Yep, I would have paid $20 too!!! And glad to hear her numbers are back in range Heidi.

  3. $5 sprinkles?? You definitely have your priorities straight!! I'm so glad you got them.

    Glad her numbers are back in the "1-" range!

    Woo Hoo!

  4. I agree! I would have paid $20 too! :)Our kids are worth it.

  5. I was wondering.. How can I start a diabetes walk thing in my area/ a support system for my friend. I feel like she needs to know she isn't the only one… and that we are rooting for her and others that have diabetes. Any advice would be appreciated Thanks :)