Friday, March 11, 2011

Sweet 16...

My dearest Joshua,

How did you get to be 16 so quickly?  It feels like just yesterday that I was carrying you (10 days late) in my belly thinking I would never get to meet you.  Yours was my most difficult birth.  Laboring for literally days, pushing for hour after hour until finally the doc decided you were stuck.  They wheeled me back for a c-section where I felt the burn of every incision.  The anesthesiologist threatened to send Daddy out and put me all the way under but I begged him to let me hear you cry first.   I felt like I was fighting for your life ( I wasn't, you were fine but I was scared).  As soon as I heard your beautiful cry and knew that Daddy was with you, I said ok and I went to sleep.  Daddy was amazing and fought the nurses who wanted to give you a bottle before I woke up.  He would not let any of our family peek at you even though they had been at the hospital all day and night and it was now the wee hours of the next morning until I woke up and saw your beautiful face first. 

You have been my pioneer.  The first one to teach me how to parent.  You have been resilient as I have made far more mistakes than I care to admit.  You are growing in to such an incredible young man.  You are becoming more responsible and have your Daddy's kind heart.  You are an amazing big brother and I think that all of your siblings are blessed to have you to look up to.  I am proud of you son!  I love you!

Happy Birthday Joshua!


  1. Beautiful Heidi. You have a way with words, it made me tear up. Happy Birthday to your oldest son :)

  2. Happy Birthday Joshua! He is such a great young man Heidi. Your pride in him rings through loud and clear.

  3. Happy birthday, Joshua! That's quite a birth story! Sounds as though you not only have a remarkable son, but a fabulous husband too!

  4. Happy Birthday Joshua! What gorgeous baby blues!!