Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The pink backpack

In our house we call it the pink back pack or diabetes bag.  What is inside that pink bag we carry around with us?  Let me show you.

 Here is a better view of the contents

1 hand wipes  2 ketone strips  3 tissues   4 cake mate   5 glucose tabs   6 back-up meter   7 sugar stash (an empty crystal light container with a juice box and some smarties)  8 sugar stash #2 (an empty crystal light container with a juice box, starbursts and a couple of chocolates)  9 extra sites, alcohol wipes and test strips  10 syringes, extra lancets and an extra cartridge for the pump 11 sugar free Hawaiian Punch pouches 
12  meter remote that works with pump  13 first aid kit  14 glucogon  15  lithium batteries for pump and meter

Depending on how long we are going to be out I will grab the insulin and throw it in a baggie and toss it in the bag as well.  Sometimes I will grab a snack and toss in there too. (Usually it's a granola bar.)  Or I will put a few snacks in a crystal light container and take out one of the sugar stashes.  

Here is what the contents of some of the containers looks like:

  I love using these containers becuase not only is it earth friendly (reuse) but I can mix and match the containers if we need to use another bag or Bekah prefers to take her purse.  She is getting more grown up and a lot of times just wants to take her school purses with her.  These containers are also very easy to grab and not have to go digging for sugar or other needed items and it keeps the stuff clean.  Ever had a juice box collapse and leak all over your bag?  Another good reason to use the containers.   

Here is a photo of her school purses:

This is what usually goes inside those bags (depends on the day which bag is the favorite)
In here we have her meter with some starbursts an extra lancet and glucose tabs plus a sugar stash with a juice box and some smarties

I am ok with such a little amount being carried back and forth because in her classroom, the office and PE office is a large pencil box with extra sites, back-up meter, extra lancets, juice, snacks, extra strips, extra batteries and glucogon (there may be more I just don't remember right now-I will share them this summer as we are gearing up to go back to school)  If one of her purses is the diabetes bag that she chooses and the pink backpack isn't going with us then of course the glucogon gets tossed in as well as the above supplies. 

I am following the very cool gals Reyna, and Alexis who also did a blog and the awesome gals Hallie and Wendy who vlogged on the subject for this project.  They would love your feed back as well.  What is in your D bag?


  1. you did such a professional job of that! i have to go looking for the cake icing... thanks for the tip!

  2. WOO-HOO! Great job on this Heidi. I am so impressed by you guys that could slap numbers all over your photos. Mine did not look that professional.

    I am so happy that people are putting in their input. I hope that the resultant bag is helpful to "D" Families!