Wednesday, March 2, 2011

An aunt's perspective... (guest post)

This post was written by my sister.  She along with my parents and other sister were my rocks during the time that Bekah was in the hospital.  (Ryan is her husband and Makaila is her 8 yr old daughter and Bekah's best friend)

It was around 9pm early in the spring of 2010 on Monday night.  I know it was Monday because I work Mondays. The actual date I can not remember but I am sure my sister could tell you.  I walked in and Ryan said Tammi your mom called Bekah is in the ICU and wants you to call her right away.  I remember my knees going weak and feeling dizzy.  I sat down and called my mom.  I remember vaguely reading my sisters Facebook status that morning about Bekah being tired and not herself and was taking her to the doctor.  By the time I called my mom Bekah had been diagnosed with Diabetes type 1.  Diabetes Type 1....what did I remember about this from the A & P classes I took 10 years ago in college....not enough.  I realize how I little I knew or understood about this first thought was how bad does she have it.  Anyone who knows much about this disease is rolling their eyes at that thought.  My second thought was NOT Bekah.  Bekah is the sweetest little girl I have ever met.  She has a gentle, quiet, kind spirit.  My third thought went to my own Makaila.  Makaila and Bekah are very close.  They are very different people but have a very strong bond.  As time has gone by this year I am grateful my sister is so open to discuss Diabetes so I have a better understanding of it.  The more I learn the less I like it.  Not too long before Bekah was diagnosed I took Makaila in to get her H1N1 shot.  It was a horrible hour and half experience trying to get her to have ONE shot. Over this year I have watched Bekah go from not enjoying her shots to giving her own.  I have seen so much strength in my niece it brings me to tears.  I have seen my sister go through a nightmare moms never want to go through.  I think about them every night as I kiss my kids goodnight knowing that a nightmare or very sick kid is the only thing that will interrupt my sleep and meanwhile 120 miles away my sister is doing the same thing only she will be interrupted by nightly checks not knowing what the monitor will read at 3am.  Then get up in the morning with all 4 of her kids and start again.  Although my daily life is not effected other then thoughts of Bekah and my sister here and there, it has effected my outlook on many things.  I hug my kids a little more often, I see strength in my sister and niece that I am not sure I have, and I have a beautiful 8 year old who went from wanting to be a rock star to a scientist to she can find a cure for Diabetes.   

 Bekah and Makaila at the Tulip festival


  1. What a wonderful post by your sister. I am touched by her words discussing how type 1 in Bekah's and your family's life has affected her outlook.

  2. What a wonderful post... so interesting to hearthe perspective of someone who doesn't live diabetes day in and day out, but sees how it affects us.

  3. An amazing letter from an amazing aunt/sister! The journey is always easier when we have people by our side who understand and actually care about our childrens lot.

    Thank you for this wonderful letter!

  4. Its always so refreshing to hear from the family members of our special kiddos. It reminds us that we are never in this alone.

    Great post!

  5. I appreciate this post so much, I think that often the "outside" doesn't see how much type 1 diabetes effects the ENTIRE family...extended, too. What a wonderful gift to have such a loving sister through it all. Happy Day to you guys, you made it through year 1 :)

  6. This post is such a good reminder that diabetes affects the whole family.

    You are lucky to have a sister who cares so much, and Bekah is lucky to have a cousin as her best friend.