Sunday, February 27, 2011

Some things make having diabetes fun...

This weekend we got to experience the fun side of diabetes.  The camp that Bekah will go to this summer is called Gales Creek.  They are having an American Girl fashion show as a fund raiser.  Bekah will be a model in the show.  Saturday we loaded up a van full of girls and went over to P-town for a fitting.  Bekah tried on the bitty twins nighty and the Rebecca night wear ensemble.  We won't know until the dress rehearsal which she will actually be wearing.  We are excited and I will blog about the whole experience. =)

Sunday we got to go over to Children's Healing Art Project also known as CHAP in P-town again and had a blast!  We also had a D-meet up with Denise (I only had my phone so she got the actual pics of our IRL meet up.  Watch her blog I'm sure she will post about the experience as well.)  I only took the girls becuase David has a bad cold.  We had so much fun!  My girls LOVE art!  They made collages and name tags, they got to paint a t-shirt and also created food pictures to be hung in a local P-town (my slang for Portland) restaurant. Denise has a beautiful family!  She is just as cool and fun IRL as she comes across on her blog.  When we saw each other becuase we follow each other's blogs and FB posts it was like we had pretty much known each other for years.  She is easy to talk to and I hope we get to see more of each other in the future.  Thanks again for in the invite to CHAP Denise!



  1. I was so excited to read about this on Denise's blog! I am jealous too. I cannot even imagine what it must be like to meet any of you. I feel such a strong connection to so many D Mamas out there in the DOC.

    (((HUGS)))...I hope David feels better soon.

  2. Sounds like you had an awesome weekend ... and to add to it you won the prizes from my blog. Send me an email at with in the next 48 hours so that I can get all your info and get everything mailed out to you! Hope you ahve a great day. :-)

  3. What fun!!! Its always so great when we can identify with the positives that D has brought to our lives!

  4. So great meeting you! Hoping your lil guy gets better soon. Looking forward to the next D art club and I will keep you posted on any other events that come up. :-)