Saturday, February 19, 2011

Epic fail...

I woke up Friday morning feeling like I got hit by a truck.  Where did this cold come from??  I can't get sick, I have a big date with my hubby this weekend.  I stumble in to the girls room and wake them up and then hobble (I twisted my knee weird doing Just Dance a few days back) downstairs.  Ah yes coffee is just what the doctor ordered.  I am taking in the beautiful aroma (yes I do love my coffee) as I watch it brew when I hear a little pitter patter coming towards me.  I brace myself (David can be one moody dude, if he is in a good mood when he gets up then life is good otherwise it is not) and then see the big smile on his face as he rounds the corner.  I get a big hug and then he starts, "I need mommy milk" (I am still nursing him)  I reply, "Ok buddy, I just need to make sister's lunch first."  He did not like my answer and proceeded to melt on the floor in a screaming puddle. (so much for the good mood) My throbbing head felt as if it were going to now explode.  I quickly get the lunch made and carb counts attached and set it on the table for Bekah.  I sat down in the chair and began to nurse David (if he had no teeth I would have just nursed him standing up while I made the lunch but this little guy has put too many teeth marks in my breast tissue to trust him not to try and hang on by a tooth- sorry if that was TMI)

Bekah is busy going about her business and seems to be in a bit of a mood herself.  She checks her sugar and hands me the meter so I can bolus for her breakfast.  236!  She must be getting sick too.  Note to self to watch the fasting numbers for 3 more days and check her night basals again.  I correct and bolus for 15g carb.  Lately she has had a thing for eating organic animal crackers for breakfast (yes I know it's not the healthiest breakfast but it gets something in her system and is far easier on her BG than cereal and milk.  I try to avoid food battles especially in the morning.)  She finishes her business  of calculating her lunch and writing it all down, putting her meter in a purse etc. (she insists on doing these things so I just let her) and I finish nursing David and off to school we go. 

I have kind of let myself go a bit over this past year.  I have only gotten my hair cut once and that was a spur of the moment thing when I was at JC Penney one day (cut only).  I have a friend of a friend that works at a nice salon who usually does my hair and she gives me an affordable price for a cut and weave.  (I get the family rate)  My mom and Dad gave me a gift card to get my hair done for Christmas.  It's about 3 hours where I can't be readily available for Bekah so I have been hesitant to go.  I decided to be brave and made the appointment.  Friday was my hair day.  I took a ton of vitamin C and some tylenol and went off to my hair appt.  I no sooner sat down in the chair when I get a text from Bekah's teacher "she just told me she felt low...91 so I gave her a fruit leather and sent her out to recess"  I text back "She is usually spikes after breakfast ...a fruit leather should hold her but if she is still hungry give her a cheese stick"  and then I went over the morning in my head.  I had never seen her actually eat her breakfast (this is never a problem, Bekah is a very compliant child and unless she forgot for some reason would have eaten every carb I bolused her for) teacher texts back "I just thought that was an odd number for this time of day"  (Bekah is rarely under 200 at her first morning check which is not quite at 2 hours post prandial)  Can I just say that I love this woman!  Some people might think she was all up in their business but I love that she is so acutely aware of Bekah's BG trends and what is out of the norm.  I text the teacher back with "I am freaking out a bit now because I don't think she ate her breakfast, have her recheck when she comes in"  That few minutes felt like an eternity and I felt like I wanted to RUN to her school to make sure all was ok.  By this time I had foil all over my head, I was either going to have to risk going bald or just sit tight.  (I am not as vain as this post may sound and my daughter's well being is so much more important than my hair) I sat tight and got a text back "she said she doesn't remember eating breakfast and is now at 130...should I give her more snack?  or just cheese?"  Sigh of relief and text, "cheese should be fine" back to teacher.  (the not eating breakfast was just a total slip up on both of our parts)

I rarely get calls or texts from her teacher but each time I try to cut one more string and go back to something that used to be normal and no big deal that is when I can count on something.  Costco always brings in at least one text or call and I found out that hair appts bring on 3.  I got a call later because the teacher thought she accidentally canceled the lunch bolus and then another text as someone had brought in dum-dum suckers to lick 100 times for the 100th day and could she have one.  When I am home and just 3 minutes from the school, I get crickets.  It's just that darn Mr. Murphy I guess, seems like he and Mr.D are good buddies. 

I am still reeling.  I can't believe I let her go to school with out her breakfast!  Yes I am a busy mom who felt lousy that morning but my daughter's life depends on me doing my job.  It doesn't matter how crappy I feel I don't have the luxury of a break.  It could have been a VERY bad situation.  I am so glad she started her morning with a 236.  I'd like to believe an angel snuck her some carbs in the night, knowing what was going to happen or whispered in her ear before things got bad that she needed to eat something.  I'm just glad that God was watching over her and didn't let anything bad happen. 

...and my hair turned out great...(I grabbed a couple of quick photos with my phone while I was holding a sleeping David)


  1. So great that her teacher is aware of her trends and can spot when shes off. Also, good for you for sticking it out and getting your hair done (looks great). Hope you feel better now and that date night is/was a blast.

  2. CUTE HAIR!!!!!

    So happy everything turned out okay :) I always have a slight panic attack when I'm cleaning up the breakfast dishes and realize there's half a glass of milk or a few bites of oatmeal left.

    Praise God for 235!

  3. how cute are you!? Phew! Glad it ended Wendy said!

    That teacher is amazing!!


    And glad it all ended well and the teacher is a God-Send.

    P.S. I would have totally SAT TIGHT with the hair situation. A BALD Reyna would be an UGLY Reyna. I am VAIN :) Does it make it "OK" b/c I realize it and acknowledge it? I hope so.

    Love you friend. Happy Sunday!

  5. LOVE your hair! It looks fantastic, but I'm sorry it was such a stressful experience.

    I responded to your comment on my blog with a link. I thought you might want to check it out ;)

  6. Your hair is fabulousity!!!! I love it. Photos are very nice, too. :)

  7. GREAT Hair!! Im so happy that you have a teacher that will communicate as much with you during the day! From what I hear that is RARE!! Im super excited for you!! and I totaly get being in a situtation where you want to run but cant. I MEAN really the color was on... options are not many at that point... wet head you can go with color 1/2 done not really.. :) Glad it all worked out