Thursday, February 24, 2011

I bit my tongue...

Wednesday I decided to tackle all of my errands in one day because snow threatened the PNW late Wed and Thursday.  For those of you in the rest of the country, you can get a good belly laugh from this. Even though we are in the northern US, we rarely get snow here in Washington.  Life literally comes to a screeching halt when the snow begins to fall.  Those that are crazy enough to get out there and drive in it usually don't know what they are doing so it's not a safe situation.  I usually do one or two errands a day because David hates being in the car and carted in and out of stores.  I also don't want to be in such a rush that I get annoyed at a call from the school.  I crossed my fingers and hit the road...

First stop was at the consignment store for a drop off.  While they looked through my goods to determine which they would purchase, I looked around.  Score!  I found a pair of new in the box See Kai Run shoes in David's size for only $14.99 and I happened to have $17 in credit.  Suweet!  For those that don't know of the amazingness of See Kai Runs I will post a picture and you can click on the name to link to their website.  

Next was a stop at the school to give Bekah her lunch bolus and drop off extra snacks.  It was her usual PE day so I adjusted her basal rate while I was there.  ( I go in each week and about an hour prior to PE lower her basal by 50%- so far it is working for us, for now any way)

Then to the post office to send out the very late Valentine's to our FB T1 hangout group.  Next on the list was Target for a mystery script and diapers.  (I have all of Bekah's prescriptions set up on automatic refill and I never know which one is going to pop up when. I just get a random call that something has been filled)  This time it happened to be the blood ketone strips.

After Target and before we went to get groceries, David and I shared a $5 foot long at Subway.  While we were at Subway, these two teen age girls came in and sat down at the next table over from ours.  I was not trying to eves drop and it was not my business but this is what I heard. 

Girl A to girl B "wow you have lost a lot of weight"
Girl B, "yeah a few weeks ago I just started loosing and I still eat a TON"
Girl B, "I am super thirsty all of the time too"

I tried to mind my own business but could not help noticing that girl B got up to refill her cup 3 times and used the bathroom twice in the less than 20 minutes that I sat there.  She looked almost frail.  I know that frail look.  I wanted to jump up and scream "get to the doctor as fast as you can" or pull the glucometer out of my purse and check her BG level.  I did not.  I bit my tongue.  I said a prayer for this girl and hope that she gets the medical attention that she needs quickly. 

What is the right response in these situations?  It's not my business but that girl could go in to a coma in less than 24 hours and even die if she is in fact diabetic and does not get insulin soon.  I am not a doctor and I know I do not like when some one thinks they know-it-all and is all up in my face with their knowledge (and I am not a teenager, I'm sure a teen would object even more so). 

*big sigh*

What would you have done?  I'm still a newbie in the D game and I hope I did the right thing.  My heart has been heavy ever since the encounter and I have had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.  I hope it all turns out ok.  Then again it may been nothing.  I tend to jump quickly.  If any of my neices of nephews is looking a bit skinny or seems super thirsty I am pretty quick to suggest to my sisters to do a BG check.  I'm sure they appreciate the concern but at the same time are a bit annoyed at my ability to only see zebras among the horses. 


  1. It's so hard to know what to do in situations like that. Maybe if her Mom was there with her... but to approach her on her own might freak her out a bit.

    Praying that she will be okay...

  2. Praying for her too. That is a tough one... I honestly don't know what I would do.

  3. Yep, a tough one. If the mom was there, I would definitely have said something. I might, you all know I am a BIG MOUTH, have said something to her. That one is a TOUGH call, but sounds soooo very suspicous.

  4. that's def a tough one ... i'm not sure if i would have been able to keep my mouth closed, but at the same time i know that sometimes it's better to walk away ... hope she's ok!

  5. Oh wow! Saying anything probably would have freaked her out. But, if it were me, I'd be agonizing over not saying anything and worrying something happened. It's a tough call!