Monday, July 25, 2011

Today is THE day!

When I saw Meri's Lawton on her blog, the dream of having a diabetes alert dog for Bekah began.  We still have a ways to go with fund raising and the company we have chosen to go through has been amazing. 

Today Bekah turns 8!  Today our new alert dog will arrive!  Today we launch a website that my husband made for Bekah to help pay off her dog as well as educate and keep those who are curious up to date on our progress and life with our new service dog.

Stay tuned for many pictures and fun experiences with our pup!  I will share here some but mostly doggie stuff will be shared on that site.


  1. My daughter overheard me taking about alert dogs and now she wants one!

    Can't wait to hear how it goes for you.

    And happy birthday to Bekah!!

  2. I saw a demonstration at camp. I was curious before and now I want one for Julia so badly! I will be following with great interest!

  3. Happy birthday, Bekah!!!!! And I can't wait to hear all about how you and Sarah will develop your relationship.

  4. Happy Birthday Bekah and Welcome Sarah!! Such an exciting day!!!