Sunday, July 24, 2011

Road trip days 3 and 4

(This post is picture heavy, I found my camera hiding in the stroller when we got home.  I put it there in the Black Hills so this is where most of my photos are from)
We woke up in Butte, MT on the third day of our road trip and went downstairs for breakfast (we had free continental breakfast at each place we stayed and this one was a huge buffet).  As Bekah was checking her BG I could feel the elderly man at the next table watching.  In a minute he got up and came over and talked to us.  "That's not new to me, I have had the sugar for many years. I was 43 this morning, plumb nearly passed out."  (read with a not think drawl but slight southern accent) He was so cute and so sweet. (His wife was equally as cute and sweet) We talked D for quite some time.  He was very interested in Bekah's pump and I gave him quite an education about it.  He left excited to talk to his doctor about getting on a pump himself. 

Today our mission was to drive to Keystone,WY.  We got there in time to enjoy some delicious pizza along the "strip" in Keystone.  I love the Old West atmosphere in Keystone.  We stayed the night and spent the next day doing the tourist thing.  Mt. Rushmore was first on the list and my brother-in-law is an 8th grade history teacher so we didn't just do the "hey looks it's 4 heads on the side of a mountain" thing.  We went on the guided tour around the mountain and really got in to it.  David was not really in to it so I skipped some of the tour to keep him from completely melting down.

Mt. Rushmore in all her glory

Megan is into planking (this is a bust of the creator of the beautiful detailed work on the mt)

Cousins resting

the Timm clan

our tour guide

Josh loves video editing so he was getting some footage

poor little bored guy

my little planker

Bekah posing for a photo op (I cut the heads off of the mt but got the important part, my girl ;) )
my parents with all 9 of their grand-kids

Bear Country was next.  We started out seeing some random wildlife.  Then we turned a corner and there were bears everywhere! 

nice rack

oops I accidentally caught this guy relieving himself

bring on the bears

you'll have to excuse the quality these were taken through the widows in the car (I'm no fool)

a random bison

I could have watched the baby bears all day

pretty scenery all over
Next we hit downtown Keystone to do some window/souvenir shopping and get some dinner.  We started at a buffet and saw the prices so we went across the street to Teddy's Deli.  Best decision ever!   The service at Teddy's was great and the Reuben was the very best I have ever had.  Yummers!! 
"honk"  David had to honk Abe's nose
my brother-in-law and I enjoying the best Reuben either of have ever had
We  were going to head to Mt. Crazy Horse next but got caught in a down pour and enjoyed watching the thunderstorm instead.  The next morning at breakfast I spotted a teenager with a pump clipped to her jeans.  Megan was mortified (she is 13 I guess it's allowed) that I got up and went to talk to this family.  The mom was a bit caught off guard but was friendly none the less.  Her daughter was dx 10 years ago.  She assured me that packing and trips become second nature just like bolusing for a meal is now.  I would have loved to share pics of those random D meet ups that we had but I didn't want to come across as a total freak so I kept my phone in my pocket.  =)


  1. what a great trip you guys what a big group and you're still smiling! Amazing!

  2. Looks like an amazing time! Love all the pictures...especially the grandkids one and the honking Abe's nose...perfect! :)

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Ah, for the love of roadtrips ;)

  4. First off, I love the country you are in. Dave and I travelled through it all when we moved out here to VT. And...I woulda loved to seen their faces as you slapped out your phone and took pix for the blog! LOL. Looks like a great time Heidi.