Thursday, July 14, 2011

it's been too long

Sorry it's been so long since I have update my blog.  I miss you guys!  I have been wanting to blog about our trip but my camera got lost and it's just not the same to just tell you about it, I need to show you photos of the fun as well. (I am hoping it will turn up or my sisters will share their photos with me)

No sooner did we arrive home than the nesting started as I unpacked and did laundry and scrubbed floors, walls, and bathrooms to change gears and get ready for our pup.  I have done about 20 loads of laundry this week (washed, dried and put snugly away), changed beds, bleached and magic eraser-ed walls, scrubbed bathrooms and linoleum, clean out and scrubbed the inside of the fridge, reorganized the playroom, cleared out a place for Sarah's crate, cleaned the carpets, pulled the cushions off the couches and vacuumed under them.  Now I just need to get new burner pans for the clean stove and reorganize the pantry. 

It may have been the arrival of the dog that motivated me but it was finally seeing the dirt that kept me going.  We lost our dog and had David the same week (I always give myself a year of grace after having a baby to wait to deep clean as caring for and nursing a newborn are the priority).  Only a few weeks after David turned one, diabetes came in to our world and I have been in a fog.  I am not a slob by any stretch of the imagination but I have been happy to keep my house surface cleaned.  I let the dust pile up under the couch and pretended it wasn't there (really I couldn't see it becuase I was so engulfed in diabetes and carb counts, insulin to carb ratios, basal rates etc).  It feels so good to have a clean, really clean house.

It has also helped that my children have been busy with the trampoline that their grandma had set up as a surprise when we got home from our vacation.  (no pics sorry, I miss my camera)  The girls both have July birthdays so it was a combined gift for them and has proven to be just as much a gift for me.  I am used to having a whiny toddler following me around preventing me from getting much done.  Now he is out with one of the kids almost constantly bouncing and giggling.  (I love my little guy but being able to have both arms free as I watch him have fun is nice)

Today we got a box in the mail from Sarah's breeder.  It was quite large and contained treats galore, collars, a leash, a plethora of dog toys and a dog bed.  It was packed with packing peanuts which are now scattered all over my house.  My kids had a bast digging in to the box and taking out one item at a time to ooh and ahh over.  Then they dove in the box and it became a car, a bus a train etc.  Hours of fun were had. I love that it's just a little clutter on freshly cleaned carpet and will be simple to wisk the mess away and a clean house will remain. 

I hope to update about our amazing vacay soon but for now I will just move forward with our doggy adventure.  Super Sniffer Sarah will arrive in just 11 days. 


  1. That totally sucks about your camera!!!!
    Yay for a spotless house and double yay for Sarah coming in 11 days!!!

  2. I'm so excited for you! I'm so curious how they get puppies to alert?

    Just one note, it has been found that anything with Fabreeze, can mess with the dog's nose!

    AND PS: SO jealous of the deep clean! I think my walls could use a good scrup! I had L dust the blinds for me yesterday though. :)

  3. Oh, the cleaning sounds like such fun...truly!
    I've been able to tackle bits and pieces while the girls have been at VBS this week and it's been liberating! Lots of bits to go, but it has to start somewhere!
    So excited for you about Sarah...MUST find that camera before she arrives!! ;)

  4. I always feel good after getting a really good clean I count it as exercise! :)

  5. I need you to come clean my house!
    So excited for your pup...can't wait to meet her!!
    Looking forward to hearing about your trip (hope you find your camera) glad you made it home safely!

  6. This is so exciting Heidi!!! And I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE when my house is that clean. Unfortunately, it isn't too often.

  7. I've been missing you Heidi!! LOVE that you got the house all clean. Doesn't it feel FANTASTIC?!

    But....there's dust under the couch? ;)