Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Megan (11 days late)

On July 6th, Megan turned 13! (I am a little late)  We were driving through Bismark, ND on Megan's birthday and stopped to visit with my best friend and her family.  They had cake and ice cream to celebrate Megan and a giant, singing balloon (it didn't last long as an extra passenger in our car becuase they girls felt squished sharing their car space).  We enjoyed dinner together at Golden Corral (we lived in Florida for a short time and GC became one of their favorite places to go out to eat so ever since my kids have been searching for one and sadly there is not one close to us but they were so excited to find one along the way on our road trip)
I can't believe that I now have two teenagers.

Megan is turning in to an amazing lady, she is fun and creative! 

Happy Birthday Megan, I am so proud of the woman you are becoming, your siblings are lucky to have such a fun, caring sister.  I am glad God chose you for our family!  I love you lots!


  1. I adore her sweet braids . . . . happy belated birthday, Megan!!!!

  2. Having teenagers will do that to you...make you late for everything!! (at least that's my sister's excuse!!)
    Hope the birthday was fabulous!!