Sunday, June 19, 2011


I had a wonderful meet up with the amazing Rose family Sunday.  I'm sure Wendy, Denise and Chasiti will all do an amazing job of blogging about our meet up.  It was a great time had by all.  Sugar and Bekah became fast friends and had such a great time together.  Wendy is every bit as amazing as you see in her blog!

mamas snapping photos

kids at the park

After I got home we went over and did a bit of yard work at my parents house.  The color is finally beginning to erupt!  Enjoy the photos they don't even come close to doing the yard justice but you can get a glimpse...


  1. Had such a great time!! Thanks for organizing it. What an amazing group of Dmoms and kiddos! Love that you got a pic of us taking pics of the kids....even though I am doing a weird backbend to get them all in the shot. Would have loved a pic of the kids taking our picture....that was cute too!!

  2. The D Mama meet-up looked like so much fun Heidi. I am happy for all of you.


    Man, you weren't kidding about the color in your parents' yard. GORGEOUS.

  3. Uh..... JEALOUS!!! Sounds and looks like fun!! Beautiful roses!

  4. Meet ups are awesome!!
    Such a beautiful garden...could spend hours there, no problem! :)

  5. I've been on CLOUD 9 all week!!!! It was awesome to meet you, my friend :) Thanks for showing me around town...and for your amazing friendship.