Thursday, June 2, 2011

The invisible woman

I have seen this sketch done by Nicole Johnson several times.  I just watched it with new eyes, the eyes of a D-mom.  I wanted to share it with you in hopes of bringing you some encouragement.  You, my friends are building cathedrals and every BG check (especially in the middle of the night when you think no one cares) God takes notice of.  Every decision you make to try to make euglycemic bliss happen, He takes notice.  One day when you watch your child walk across the stage to receive a diploma or down the aisle to begin a new life it will all be worth the effort, the stress, the worry.  I hope this sketch speaks to your heart as it just did mine...


  1. That was amazingly beautiful. Thank you for sharing that. I was searching for a new perspective on things and I think I just got one.

  2. I have seen this video several times, but haven't run across it in awhile. Oh how I needed to hear those words . . . . TODAY! Thank you for knowing I needed it ;)