Thursday, June 16, 2011

I just needed to watch you breathe...

(this post was written last week but I forgot to publish it) On Monday morning the kids had late start (a delightful treat to sleep in on a Monday after a busy weekend full of SUNSHINE).  As I went down to get my coffee I peeked in the girls' room.  I can see Bekah in her bed from the door.  I always stop to watch her breathe for just a moment before I can begin my day.  This morning she had the covers pulled up to her chin and her face was buried so I could not see her breathing.  I walked over and gently un-tucked her face.  A deep morning wake up sigh was heard as she opened her beautiful blue eyes, "Good morning Mommy, is it time to get up?" I reply, "No honey I just needed to watch you breathe"  She smiles a knowing smile as she drifts back into her slumber. 

The need to see your child breathe for most people dissipates around their first birthday when the fear of SIDS is no longer relevant.  With T1D there is uncertainty, a low BG could take them in the night.  There is a rare complication known as Dead in Bed Syndrome.  It's difficult to think about but the reality is there.  I'm not sure there will ever be a day that passes when I don't need to watch her breathe, even if just for a moment.


  1. ahhh man isn't that the truth, I completely explain it to friends like that newborn fear of SIDS feeling new parents have. I know...same-same!

  2. How precious she looks! I love to watch my kids sleep. May God continue to watch over our type 1 kids through the nights.