Monday, June 6, 2011

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Have you ever thought that maybe your child's dx caused PTSD for you? 

Yesterday I was biding my time in line at Costco by checking FB.  I had a message from a very dear friend.  The message stated that she was becoming increasingly concerned about the health of one of her children.  A few months ago this child had a fainting spell which is believed to have been a hypoglycemic episode.  This child does not have T1D.   There were many details but the ones that stuck out to me were PALE, WEIGHT LOSS, TIRED, SHIVERS, AN UNEXPLAINED TUMMY ACHE. 

A knot formed in my stomach and I could not wait to get though that line and out to my car which would be a more appropriate place for the conversation that I needed to have.  I didn't get her and left a message.  A very long drawn out rambling message I might add, becuase I just couldn't keep my thoughts straight.  As I drove home, I was back in that place just hours before Bekah's dx.  I wanted to run over to my friend and scoop her and her child up and put them in a safe place.  I prayed, "Lord please help them find answers soon and please don't let it be what I think it is" 

My friend has a few family members with T2D and was able to do a BG check on her child 1 hour postprandial and got a 123 whew!  I breathed a sigh of relief when I read that in a message she sent me later.  Then it hit me.  I had gotten a little crazy over this family so dear to me having the slight possibility of a life changing dx.  I hope through my craziness my friend saw and felt my love for her and her daughter first and foremost. 


  1. I think it's only natural to go to "that place," when you suspect T1 in someone who means so much to you. You have a wonderful, caring, loving heart, Heidi.

  2. Oh yeah, been there! actually with my nephew...glad to get an 80 on the meter after rushing out to test him! whew!

  3. Totally normal to go back to that's such a powerful draw that's nearly impossible to resist.
    Totally would have done the same thing!

  4. I am sure they knew the love :) You are a great friend. I am glad it worked out for them.

  5. Oh yes.... I have been there. Just the other day, in fact! We can't help it. We know too much. And we just don't want anyone else to suffer from this disease. And PTSD? Uh... YES!

  6. I've thought about this so many does seem like PTSD occurs, and then suddenly nothing is as powerful or as gut wrenching as that moment when you just knew. I'm glad you are such a great friend to lead your friend in a way that she heard your concern without panic and acted on it, I hope her child is okay, too. (not just from t1d but overall health!)