Thursday, November 3, 2011

One of Those Days...

Yesterday was "one of those days".  It has actually been "one of those months" around here.  October started out well.  There was promise from clients and possible new clients of plenty of work to make ends meet.  They all had stuff that came up so the work was elusive and so was the money.  We found our selves at the end of October not having paid rent and our car insurance was cancelled.  It was scary.  Josh's dog has been diagnosed with a seizure disorder and most days it is controlled with medication but she began having seizures again as all of this other stuff was culminating.  One seizure here or there is fine but cluster seizures could be her demise so we have to get them treated by the vet immediately.  Megan also asked me to check her hair becuase it had been itching.  Sure enough there were nits.  (I loathe lice, those pesky little bugs bring me to my knees and make me feel so dirty and gross)

All we could do is deal with each crisis one at a time.  We used the lice shampoo to kill the bugs and then dried her hair and used the lice gel to loosen the nits and combed through her hair with the metal fine tooth comb.  We topped off the treatment by dying Megan's hair to create a hostile environment for the bugs so they would decide not to raise their babies in my baby's beautiful locks.  I then cleaned like a crazed animal and put all of the stuffed animals in plastic bags so they could hibernate for a few weeks.  Bedding will be placed in the hot dryer daily for at least 10 days.  Luckily Megan was the only one who had head lice and hopefully they learned that they made their nest in the wrong house.  This mama shut down their party and hopefully they will not coming knocking again!

Jason and Josh took care of his dog and got her to the vet where they gave her an IV and extra meds to stop the cluster.  She is now doing fine and her daily meds have been changed to meet her needs better or so we hope.

We were able to get loans from friends and family and a grant from the school district for our October rent.  Jason has lots of job opportunities now and might even end up in a career change (we will see how things play out).

I have been so meticulous with Bekah's  care, logging and weighing etc.  We had a couple of high A1Cs (8.2% and 8.0%) and since then I  have been keeping very close track and making adjustments as soon as I see something out of whack.  Bekah's numbers have been amazing!  Her 7 day average was 147 with very few lows.  It was a season when all was right with the world in the D category at least.  I was happy that in all of the other stress I wasn't having to worry too much about D.

Well I think D was feeling a bit left out and needed some attention in the midst of our other crisis.  No car insurance so I am trying not to drive but yes I will break the law to take care of my girl if necessary.   At the end of the day I get a call from Bekah's teacher telling me the last check was 447.  I decided that they should do an EZBG correction and put her on the bus becuase by the time I could get there, it would be time to go home anyway.

Once home we check for ketones and do another BG check.  400 with no ketones.  I decided to changer her site becuase I couldn't think of any other reason that her number would be that high.  Bekah is amazing.  She usually pops those sites in like nothing.  Every once in a while I will hear a little "ouch".  This time we had tears and blood, lots of blood =(.  It took a while for her to work up the guts to put another site in.  She was adamant that she would do it herself.  This time it was good.  It took most of the evening but her number finally went down and she went to bed at 161. (of course we have an endo appt in a week so hopefully the hard work I have been doing was not just dumped down the drain with our high day)

In the end it's all going to work out but I think I have a few more grey hairs than I did a week ago. 


  1. Boy Heidi, you really did have a rough go at it lately! I'm sure there are better days ahead.

    How is the diabetes dog doing? The other day, we had to take our son down to the hospital because he had ketones due to a stomach bug. Before we left, he was sitting on the steps waiting for us to get ready. Our cat started climbing all over him sniffing his mouth. I wonder if he smelled the ketones?

  2. Sorry to hear about the rough time you are having.. I agree with Nikki-hopefully you will have better days ahead.. We also have an Endo. appt. next week.. Hope you have a great appt. :)

  3. what an awful time. i can totally relate to how one crisis piles on top of another...and then diabetes will raise its ugly hand and say, but what about me... argh!! hang in there, this too shall all pass...and you will be on firmer ground once more.

  4. Oh my goodness Heidi! I just want to hug you tight!!! Love you friend. Praying for wonderul days ahead!!!

  5. ((Hugs)) I am at a loss for helpful words, but I have been thinking of you and praying for you often. Take care