Friday, November 4, 2011

The D Fairy

We D moms seem to be able to personify diabetes as if it has a personality or is watching us.  I do sometimes feel as though there is this little invisible to the human eye fairy type that is watching and taking notes to report back to diabetes. 

Last school year every time I went to Costco I would get a call or text with a BG issue.  It wasn't just Costco, haircuts, photos of David all seemed to bring about pump issues or major BG issues.  It seemed like every time I went somewhere there was diabetes trying to spoil my fun.  I even left Bekah with my mom once to got shopping down the street at Target with my sister and Bekah's site fell out (or maybe it was ripped out by the D fairy). 

This school year everything is going great.  No major issues and I feel like I have a bit more freedom.  This week our car insurance was canceled (hopefully it will be short lived).  Yesterday Bekah's BG was in the 400s at the end of the day and I was tempted to break the law and go get her.  I had the teacher do an EZBG correction in Bekah's pump and put her on the bus becuase I could take care of what I needed to at home.  Today was the other end of the spectrum with a stubborn low that kept going lower.  Bus was not a safe option.  So I broke the law (shh don't tell on me) and went to get my girl.  By the time I got there her number was back up to 120 and she was safe but the bus was gone by that time. 

Have you spotted the D fairy in your life lately?? 


  1. Are you sure its not actually a D Devil??? :) Oh yeah, that little bugger hangs around here too. Hopefully yours will "buzz off" for a bit and give you a break!

    (for some reason, blogger is not letting me comment as me, so I had to go with annon.) :)

  2. Love ya, and all your law breaking goodness! :D

  3. ugh, we have that pesky visitor at bedtime all too often, no matter what suddenly at bedtime he's low...again. We've had snack, reduced basals...everything...still no matter what low, low, low at bedtime. UGH!