Sunday, August 5, 2012

Camp 2012

I dropped my girl off this afternoon at D camp.  This evening feels so anti-climatic that I need to do something with my pent up energy.  Maybe this is a good time to spend catching you all up on our summer.  Maybe I will have time to write a few posts to catch up and hope this time of purging all that is pent up in my head will be a bit cathartic.  For now I will share some photos of my sweet girl and her buddies at camp. 

How stinking cute are they?!  We carpooled over with some awesome diabuddies.  They look so incredibly happy, how could I be sad about leaving her.

Here is Bekah on her bunk all set up
The girls were swimming as we moms left.  I think they are having fun :)

Best camp ever!  They take such good care of the kids, so patient and kind and do such a great job with D management.  I know I will have some tough moments this week while my girl is away but I plan to make the best of it. 

I did leave Bekah with a bad site that we changed there at camp (BG 138 for breakfast and 176 for lunch then 330 at camp with a little blood showing through her site) The doc had us do a small correction and sent her on her way.  My mommy heart keeps thinking about that and wondering if her number came down, did she wind up with ketones?  Is she ok?  ((Deep breath))  They know how to take care of my girl even better or at least as good as I do, medically anyway.  She will be fine.  Yes she will be fine. 

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