Monday, August 6, 2012


My husband recently got a job with a company that produces a magazine and holds trade shows.  His job is as the IT director.  The magazine is Make-Up Artist Magazine and the trade show called IMATS .  In June was the second trade show during his time working there and the kids were just getting out of school.  They did have to miss the last couple of days of school to be able to join Jason but it was so worth it.  Jason's boss gave him cash instead of paying for an airline ticket that we used for gas money and he paid for a hotel room for our whole family.  Our teens volunteered to help out at the show.

We hit the road, packing 6 people and one dog in our SUV and luggage along with somethings needed for the show in a Uhaul and traveled down the I-5 corridor to the LA area.  We had not even gotten 5 miles when the air-conditioner on our car decided to quit working.  It was quite miserable as we hit central CA in the 100s with no a/c.

1100 miles after our departure, felt a little like something out of Chevy Chase's "Vacation" as we pulled in to the hotel.  Hot, sweaty, cranky kids and dog with parents who had a great wind blown look going and a Uhaul closing the rear.  The hotel it self was amazing.  My husband's boss definitely treats his employees well.  We had a fruit and cookie basket waiting for us when we go to the room.  I felt so spoiled!

At the trade show each of the kids had a unique experience:

 Megan got to meet Ve Neil who was the lead make-up artist for The Hunger Games (Meg's favorite movie)
Bekah got a little glitter done by the Eye Kandy people

Josh got to be a model in one of the classes taught by some famous make up artists that did work on Pirates of the Caribbean

David got to have a tiger face done by a make up artist

We got to meet the winner of Face Off (a reality tv show), Rayce.

Here is David's progress.  you can tell he is really in to the make-up thing.  Actually to be honest every morning he has to have make-up on when I put my make-up on.  On no make up days he sadly will say to me "we didn't do make-up today".

There was a make-up museum that was there with some amazing wax models and masks.  Some of Rick Baker's aliens from Men In Black 3 were on display along with a lot of other talent displayed.

I didn't get a good photo but at each trade show is a student competition where students in the industry are chosen to compete to show off their skills in their craft.   
It was really cool to watch my hubby in his element as he made all of the technology for the show work.  I loved getting to know Jason's boss and family better during this trip.  They have become fast friends of ours.  We adore them and are so thankful to have them  in our lives.


  1. I am always amazed by what the make-up artists can do! I'm doing good to get mascara on! ;)

  2. Okay, David grew up fast! When did this happen?? I remember reading your blog and he was just a little baby! of course that was a while ago! (: