Tuesday, August 14, 2012


On Sunday, my older two kids went swimming with some friends.  They were having a blast using a rope to swing themselves in to the water.  Megan went once and  had no problems.  On Megan's second time, her hand slipped and she fell face first, hitting a rock.  The mom of the kids' friends called me and asked if she should bring Megan home or meet us at the hospital, my husband and I decided that we would just meet her at the hospital.  The mom told us Meg had never lost consciousnesses and at the time was dazed but could relay exactly what happened.  We figured better safe than sorry.  I am so glad we made the decision that we did becuase this is what I saw when I got to the hospital
We got very lucky that she needed no stitches, had no broken bones and didn't loose any teeth.  She did however have a concussion and a nasty contusion on her face.  Her hand is hurting and her legs are pretty bruised up.  I feel so fortunate that she was not hurt worse.  The blood was coming from some small lacerations inside of her mouth.  She has been a bit dizzy but seems to be recovering well.  

Megan has also been a bit confused.  Tonight we were talking about needing brown sugar for a peach crisp that I was making.  Jason he could get a box for $2.  Megan disagreed, "No way Dad," she said.  "you can get a big bag for like $1.98"  um same difference right?  We all burst out laughing! 


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