Sunday, November 14, 2010


Today is World Diabetes Day.  I had every intention of attending the Circle in the Square in Portland but today I find myself in the funk of all funks.  I could seriously barely drag my body out of bed.  I don't know really where it came from a bunch of stuff piled up at once I guess. 

We lost our biggest client last month, having been dealing with church hurt, trying to figure out how to parent a teenager, an almost teenager and a very strong willed almost two year old not to mention a child with D, family issues (extended family) etc.  Then on Friday I opened the last bottle of 25 test strips.  I searched everywhere for more.  This could not be right!  I checked and double checked my calendar and we were 8 to 10 days away from the insurance company allowing us more.  I called the endo's office for a prior auth for more to get us by, called the pharmacy to see if it had gone through, called back the endo's office,then the pharmacy again.  I finally got a call at 4:30 saying that 300 is the limit, we can't get even a prior auth for more.  I have 25 test strips to get me through 8 days and have to decided between buying more test strips and putting gas in my car or paying a bill (yes we live that tight).  Luckily the medical assistant told me that if we could make it to Monday that she would have some for me at the front desk.  Bekah had 3 lows at school on Friday.  3 lows = 6 test strips, we had already checked 2xs that day so now we are down to 22 to last 2.5 days.  I know we will have what we need, I do have about 10 strips that came from JDRF in the backpack with a different meter. (I also have a few that I keep to check my BG because I had gestational D with David and if it comes back as T2 I want to catch it early) It's just stressful and I really didn't need more stress right now.  I have a hard time with insurance companies dictating how many times a day I should test my daughter's BG.  I do what is necessary to keep her safe and healthy.  I used extra strips for basal testing and they should allow for this.  I am usually able to keep depression, which I struggle with off and on, at bay but today it's rearing it's ugly head and my joy has been zapped.  I cried myself to sleep last night and have no energy to do anything.  I will force a walk in (sporting my blue JDRF walk shirt of course). 

Happy World Diabetes Day! 


  1. I was hoping to get to the circle in the square too but am laid up for a week after a procedure on my foot. if you need some strips, I am sure we can part with some...

    hang in there!!

  2. What type of strips do you use? I can send some One Touch Ultra ones...I have plenty. Let me know.

    SERIOUSLY. And, btw, have your MD write a letter to your insurance company requesting more strips. That is what Joe's MD did...300 a month doesn't even begin to cover it with lows, activity, etc. That is NOT OK.

  3. Just wanted you to know that I'm praying for you. I think of you so often and miss you, Sweet Friend.

    Forgive me for being out of touch. I'm beginning to get back in the groove and hope to be on the D-Scene soon.

    I'm off to pray for you right now. : )

  4. I got strips to send your way! Please email me your address! ANY TIME you are low...let us know. That is what we are here for! To support eachother!

  5. Oh, Heidi, I know exactly how you feel! We only got 300 strips/month for the first two years after Jack's diagnosis, and we nearly ran out every month. It was so stressful. We're now up to 350/month, but even then, we sometimes run out. We are so grateful for the freebies we get from the endo!

    My uncle has T2 and occasionally, when he has a stock pile of strips, he'll send them our way. That's like hitting the jack pot for us!

    We pay out of pocket for all supplies, so I totally understand the financial aspects of it all too.

    I so wish I could help you. I wish I had extra strips to send you. I would, if I could!

  6. ugh we have the same issue 300 is all we are given even with a pre auth. With both of us laid off buying strips isnt easy. Hope things look up soon. Sorry it took me so long to find yhour blog!