Friday, November 12, 2010

Basal testing

I must apologize for my absence this past week or so especially for D blog day.  I have been trying to keep up with all of your blogs.  I have honestly been trying to spend less time on the computer.  As a mom I feel like I owe to my kids to tell them to do as I do not just as I say.  I am a computer addict and I want to set a healthier example to my kids.   D blog day, I just really had nothing of value to add.  You all articulated so well my heart and the six or sixteen things I want people to know about diabetes.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided it was time to do some basal testing.  It had been about 8 weeks at that point since Bekah had started pumping and I felt like I could now add more basal rates into the mix.  Both times I was able to get about a 12 hr stretch in.  For those of you not in the D world, a basal rate is the continuous drip of insulin that the pump delivers.  Bekah's pump has a basal rate setting on it and allows for up to 12 different basal rates based on her insulin needs at the time.  Ideally the basal rate should keep her blood sugar steady with out any food or extra insulin needed.  To do a basal test I don't allow her any carbohydrates for a set amount of time.  Fasting during a basal test provides the most accurate results, but I don't feel like it's a good idea to make a 7 yr old fast plus it feels mean.  I bought her a bunch of sugar free jello so she felt like she was getting a treat and was hopefully able to focus on that instead of feeling like a lab rat.   

Once I got past the idea that I was using my daughter as a "science experiment", I was fascinated by the information that I got.  The test we did overnight, amazed me at how steady she stayed.  Over 12 hrs, checking BG levels every 2, we got all numbers in the 130s.  We started at 6:15 PM and went through 6:15 AM the next morning.  She had no food so this was very accurate and made me feel good knowing at night she was holding steady. 

The next one I did began in the early morning (over lapping the night test) and went through mid afternoon.  We started around 4:00 AM.  Again blood sugar numbers held steady until 8 AM when we got a 40 point jump.  I did this test on a Saturday and let her sleep in as long as she wanted so that I could go as long as possible with no food in her system.  I think she got up around 9:30.  The next move in BG level was at about 1:30 when she dropped down below 100. 

I still need to test the late afternoon early evening rate.  I wanted to wait for the changes I made to settle before doing another test.  I will probable do it this weekend. 

For inquiring minds Bekah's BG rates are as follows:
12:00 AM .175
7:00 AM .200
1:00 PM .150
5:00 PM .175

Since Bekah started on the pump, I have gotten a few "wow she must have it really bad if she has to have a pump" and "shots weren't working for her?".  It's not that shots weren't working and there is no such thing as having  T1 diabetes really bad.  It is what it is, kind of like being pregnant.  You either are or you aren't.  I found this great article today that backs up why we chose pump therapy for Bekah. It is a personal decision for each PWD in how they choose to manage D.  Sometimes finances play a big roll in this decision, I am so thankful that although we are a family of humble means, that my children have great insurance that covers the pump and supplies for Bekah.   


  1. AWESOME post and I really, really, really need to get a basal test done on Joe sometime soon like when he doesn't have Hockey...which is like NEVER - LOL.

    Funny you mention the "she must have it real bad" comment. My sister was just talking about some of her friends saying the same thing...about Joe after reading my blog. Being the good sis that she is, she educated! WOOT.

  2. We really need to do some basal testing. Unfortunately, Bryce's numbers are so wonky, it never fails that we have a high or low before I try. Hmmm....

  3. Oh, how I hate basal rate testing...but it's so necessary. I actually need to do some daytime testing since I just got night time numbers under control.

  4. I need to get on some basal testing myself. Sounds like it went well for you guys.