Monday, November 1, 2010

Proud D-mom moment

My little gal is camera shy and wouldn't let me get a photo.  Bekah did her very first site change on her own!!  Ok I did the technical stuff like filling the cartridge and priming the tube and cannula but she unwrapped the new inset, uncoiled the tubing, removed the adhesive and needle covers, needed a little help cocking it back and BAM! she placed it right in her leg.  Then she burst with pride, "I did it! Mom, I did it all by my self!"  Oh yeah my little gal rocks!  What a great team we make!  Start to finish including removing the old site was 10 minutes!  (remember my old days, just a couple of months ago, of it taking an hour or more to change a site)  Yes, I am one proud D-mama tonight!


  1. HI FIVE, BEKAH! I'm so proud of you!!!!

  2. WOOT! A belly bump to Bekah! I cannot wait to tell Joe.

  3. That's incredible! I love it. So sweet what your son wrote with the pic of Bekah...