Friday, August 6, 2010

The good, the bad and the ugly

The good I'm going to save for the end because I like to close on a happy note. Either hang on knowing the good is coming or if you want to skip the yucky stuff just scroll down to the end and be joyous along with me.

The bad, was Megan's dx today from the GI doc. It could be far worse and I am thankful that it is not, but I still had a difficult time swallowing what I was told. The doc thinks she has fatty liver. She is 12 years old! Fatty liver?! I thought that was for old obese people. Megan does have a weight issue and I have been ever so gently trying to help her with this. It is a difficult thing to keep a delicate preteen heart from breaking in to pieces. The world is cruel enough when it comes to physical appearance, the last thing she needs is for her mom to be sending her messages that there is something wrong with her. I feel like a really bad mom for letting it get to this though. I can't go back but I can start today by taking walks with my daughter, encouraging physical activity and modeling healthy eating habits.

The ugly. Two days ago David had his first real big boy puke. I'm talking projectile, chunky spew. I'm the type of mom that just holds my kids and lets them just puke on me, trying to comfort them in the moment. I figure I can shower and I would rather clean up me than the carpet or furniture. (as they get older it's a little different but as babies I was the target of each of their first puke) Sorry if that was TMI. This was not the ugly part, that came later. Later that day, I picked David up from his nap and he was soaked (with pee). I had just changed him prior to his nap. I took my already grumpy boy and faster than you can say "hokey pokey" I was checking his blood sugar. 112. Whew...Please tell me you would have done the same (check his blood sugar), because I felt like a bit of a freak. That was the ugly. D is so much uglier than being puked on and I hate that I am constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. I hate that D is taking up most of my brain, seeping into those places where I used to remember where my keys were or important papers etc. I hate this awful disease!

Now on to the good. Drum roll please... We got approved for the pump! The insurance company reviewed my appeal and the approved the pump! I will be getting a call on Monday to let me know when it will be here. I already order the sparkly pink zipps pouch to go with the beautiful pink pump that Bekah will be sporting soon =).

Have a great weekend all!


  1. Congrats on getting the pump! It makes the bad and ugly seem so small!

  2. I'm sorry about the bad and the ugly. I would have TOTALLY checked his blood sugar. You are normal. (Wait, you are normal if I am normal, and I don't think I'm that normal...but better safe than sorry!)

    And I'm SO happy about the pump!! WOO HOO!! That is awesome news! Congrats!

  3. Great news on the pump Heidi!! I can't wait to see the pink pouch. Way to make a frustrating thing fun :)

    I'm sorry about your other 2 kiddos. I appreciate your being sensitive to Megan's weight issue. Having struggled for forever with weight myself, receiving a complex about it does not help the situation. You're right, WE have to show them health. That's how they learn to have the right relationship with food and activity. Give yourself a break though too. You have a LOT going on right now.