Friday, July 2, 2010

Megan's project

I mostly write about Bekah because she is my child with T1 and the reason I started this blog was a therapeutic outlet as I learn to cope with all that D throws our way. Today, I want to introduce you to my other daughter, Megan. Megan is pretty much Bekah's opposite. Megan is out going and boisterous, where Bekah is quiet and shy. Megan has a LOT to say ALL of the time and I rarely get a peep out of my Bekah Boo. I can see where both girls have both my husband and I in them and they each posses some of our strengths and some of our weaknesses. I love that God makes all of us so unique even in the same family.

Last summer, I felt like God was leading our family to get involved with the homeless community on some level. We have a friend who works for Union Gospel Mission in Portland, OR. I contacted her to see what she thought our family could do to help support the ministry there. She signed us up to serve meals every other Wednesday evening. We'd go and eat with the residents of UGM that are part of their Life Change recovery program and then we would serve a meal to the homeless community. It was an amazing experience! I was totally out of my comfort zone especially having a four month old with me. I put him in a front pack and trusted that God would not allow him to be harmed. He had his own little ministry going as he would just beam at some of the people who came in for a meal and it would make their day. I was so proud of my kids and husband as I watched them be the hands and feet of Jesus to the homeless community in Portland. My children saw some real life stuff that in the past I had tried to shelter them from. My husband greeted each one at the door and tried to learn a little about each person that passed him. Once every one was seated he'd make his rounds sitting and chatting with people and praying with them.

A few weeks ago Megan was having an "I'm bored" day. I don't like the word bored. To me it's rude. It's not my job to entertain her (she is almost 12). I feel that my children need to experience life and find ways to get the most out of life. Life will just pass them by if they sit idle and wait for life to bring them entertainment. Megan decided to come up with a fund raiser for UGM. The people had made such an impact on her that she wanted to do something to help them out. She raised $75 all on her own. I'm so proud of her!

Today we went to drop off the money.
This is Megan with the finance director at UGM.


  1. Wow~ that is great. Sounds like Megan has a good heart. You should be very proud because that is one awesome daughter you have raised.

    BTW~ I really dislike the "I'm bored" talk also.

  2. What a nice post about Megan! That is so awesome! Way to go, Megan! You ROCK!

    You mentioned that Bekah is very quiet. Does she talk about her feelings with diabetes?

    Matthew is unlike many boys--he talks non-stop. When he was younger, people would laugh and ask me how he has time to breathe!

    But.....he doesn't talk about his feelings regarding diabetes. Sometimes it concerns me....I don't want him to hold it all in.....

    Oh! And I do not like the word "bored" either! Oh my word! We have so many toys and such. "Bored" drives me nuts!

    Have a good weekend, sweet friend! : )