Thursday, August 18, 2011

I think I might be loosing my mind...

Sorry I have been a bit MIA.  Between puppy stuff and keeping a family of six healthy and happy and sort of clean, I have been busy!  My two year old is going through a stage where he likes to get in your face and make the most annoying sound ever. He does it to all of us and he gets a reaction so he keeps it up.  It's wearing on me (and everyone else as well and since I am the mom they think I have control over his antics so they whine to me about it).

Bekah is going through what I think may be a growth spurt.  Her numbers have been scary high.  No ketones (we check those often too)  I am going to bare all here...7 day average is *gulp* 256  *gulp*  I have changed sites and locations of sites, changed insulin and tweaked basal rates like a crazed honey badger and still Bekah's last check was 444.  ACK!  I am determined to get this (insert profanity) tamed!  My plan is after doing more tweaks today (I am sticking with the 3 day rule) to see what tomorrow holds and if things are not better then making an appointment to have a bone scan done to see if early puberty is the culprit for making insulin act as water in the house. 

On a positive note, I made a video to help raise money for Bekah's dog, Sarah.  It turned out pretty cute I think except that the music track is a bit off. 


  1. Love the pics in the video! Looks like that bond is already strong. So sweet!

  2. Those professional pics are just amazing! Beautiful! Sarah is SO SOSOSOSO cute!

    Hang in there! You'll get those numbers down friend! Just keep swimming!

  3. The video is so sweet! I actually teared up because I have owned animals all my life. They are so loyal and loving.(smile) I can only imagine the wonderful bond that Sarah and Bekah are going to have. From the video, I can see that it's already begun!

  4. Honey, you just swim for a bit over there....a new puppy is akin to a new baby.

    Maybe even more work, since you can't pop the puppy on a boob to make everything okay.

    I love the pics and I can't wait to hear more about they journey.

    But there's time for that.

    Right now you need to be exactly where you are!!!!

  5. Heidi- we've been having those crazy highs, too and the culprit has to be growth because he's eating nonstop and sleeping like a rock. I hope things smooth out for you guys soon and that your little guy finds a new fun antic. Ethan goes through those "fun" moments often, too with finding annoying behavior and using it over and over and over to get a reaction, it is tough.
    Take care friend :)

  6. Hi Heidi, just thought Id see how things are going with Bekah and the new puppy and your family in general. I didnt think we'd heard from you in a while. xx