Monday, August 8, 2011

D camp

Yesterday, late morning, Bekah and I loaded up to meet one of her diabuddies and one of the most amazing D-moms I know.  We girls along with another family rode the hour or so together to our local diabetes camp.  We made a pit stop for a special treat lunch at McDs and got to camp just as registration began. 

The girls picked their bunks and began setting up their little homes while we moms waited in the lines.  Standing in line, I did feel a few butterflies from time to time becuase I knew in a couple of hours I would be leaving and my baby girl would be staying there.  She has never been away from our family overnight.  I knew though that she was in good hands.

I did pretty good and only had a few tears as we parted ways but my eyes were dry before we got too far down the road.  A caffeine stop for us moms (Starbucks) and we headed home.  I pulled in around 6:00ish, so it was a whole day event.   

I have to be honest and tell you it is 4:45 AM and I can't sleep.  I am missing my girl right now.  I can't hear the slight snore of her breathing.  I can't go check her BG to make sure she is ok.  I don't get to see her sweet smile today. My arms ache to hug her and kiss her on the top of her head.

Here are a few photos I took of the day


look at that smile

one last shot before I left (bye Mom)

Looking at these photos puts my mind at ease knowing she is having a blast!  I love that she gets to have the memories of camp.  I never got to go to camp.  I love that there is a place where diabetes is the norm for a few days.  No one is going to ask awkward questions that she doesn't feel like answering becuase they all live this reality as well.  Everyone will be checking their BG before meals and at bedtime.  The counselors will be checking all of the kids BGs at midnight and 3AM.  Bekah will be having too much fun to miss home much.  I am not sure what the week holds for me yet but I will keep busy and try to get in some one on one time with my other kids. 


  1. She's such a cutie! You're a good mama! Glad she's enjoying D camp. I love reading all about it on people's blogs. What a wonderful thing.

  2. The 'same' of D-camp is thing that Bean really enjoyed!
    Yes, it feel totally wrong when they are gone, but all of our angst is worth all of their fun!
    Hang in'll make it!! :)

  3. So awesome! I'm still too scared to send J and he's not willing to go yet lol, but I love hearing about it from youguys!

  4. I can't even imagine how sad you're feeling right now to have Bekah there and not home. I know someday Isaac will be excitedly joining his buddies for camp and I'll be the one at home feeling a little lost without him. I hope you are able to fill the time having loads of fun with all your other wonderful children, I hope you get some extra sleep and catch up on one or two little things that you just haven't found the time to do. I can't wait to hear her stories from d camp :) Take care!