Thursday, June 21, 2012

Future CDE...

This is my beautiful daughter, Megan.  This is the child that I caught ready to jump from her two story window becuase life was just too much for her in that moment.  You can't help but love her when you get to know her.  She is funny and fun, loving, caring and compassionate. 

Megan has been accepted to the medical arts program at one of our local high schools and will begin that program in the fall.  Her compassion for her sister has led her to want to be a CDE (Certified Diabetes Educator)  This job requires her to become an RN or registered dietitian before she can get the CDE certification, she has chosen the RN rout.

As she was laying in the hospital bed knowing we were just about to head to the pediatric psych ward she was concerned that being admitted to a psych ward would inhibit her ability to become a CDE.  That was what she was most concerned about, not being able to help other people becuase she was hurting so badly.  Can I just say that I love her heart so much!

I actually think she will be a better CDE because of her experience in the psych ward.  She gained tools that she will be able to pass along to others.  PWD and we caregivers of CWD know that a T1D dx can send you spiraling down to the depth of depression.  There are times when this disease becomes too much.  Megan will be able to help those in that place because of where she has been.

One of the coolest parts of Megan being where she was is that her attending psychiatrist is a PWD (T1) and after we would have our discussions about Megan we would talk about our diabetic alert dog and insulin pumps etc.  Bekah was not allowed on the unit but he met her in the other part of the hospital and thought she was the cutest thing ever, he loved her pump pouch (too sweet boutique) We had a connection that went beyond him caring for one of my children, and it took the edge off of the trauma that we were experiencing. 

Our insurance company is trying to deny the claim of Megan being admitted to the hospital.  I am so thankful that I have had to put that mama bear hat on to fight for stuff for Bekah.  Diabetes has helped me get through this whole experience with Megan so much better than I ever would have had I not been through what I have been through in that last couple of years.  I can't believe I actually said this but I did and I quote.  My method of attack is to first go in and kill them with kindness and then if they push back too hard I won't stop until I have their balls on a platter.  (yeah that was not me two years ago, I would have probably just curled up in a ball and cried) 

Thank you for the nice comments on my last post.  We would love to have your good thoughts and prayers and we step out in to another "new normal".


  1. Getting help can be a scary step. Proud of her for taking that step!! She will surely be able to help others who are hurting because she's working through her hurt.
    Sending love, prayers, and hugs!!!

  2. Thinking of your family right now. So glad that she's getting the help she needs to get through this. Take care!

  3. She is beautiful...inside and out Heidi. You are right...I think Megan's experience will help her with all of her future goals. Her compassion and empathy will be appreciated by PWDs and their families.

    Continuing to pray and think of your family Dear Heidi. xo

  4. She is a beautiful girl- and her heart is so amazing. I am sorry she is struggling right now but her journey will help her in the future. We all have to go through something to make us our best and strongest, I am just sorry this is hers. I often think of the odd gifts that Diabetes gave us and strength to fight for my children is one of the top ones. Also your family has already been through stressful times and so you are better prepared this time around. Big love and hugs to you!

  5. I am so sorry for all your family has had to go through. Praying for your sweet daughter...she is beautiful inside and out and I agree her heart will be even more empathetic to others because of all she is going through now.