Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My first encounter

David is (do I dare even type it) almost completely potty trained.  He went on a poop strike (10 days) so I put him back in diapers and decided he won and was not ready.  Two weeks ago he randomly started taking his diaper off and going in the potty all on his own.  Although I am not ready for my little one to grow up, I am so ready to be done with diapers, forever (or until Jason or I need them again in our very, very old age). 

A couple of nights ago David had just done his business when he called for me "Hey mom come look at this MONSTER poop!"  He admires his creations (GI docs would be proud).  I applauded the work he had done and went to wipe him.  (it wasn't big, just a lot and it looked pretty soft) As I threw the toilet paper in the toilet and began to flush simultaneously, he yelled "no not yet!"  It was too late his glorious monster began to swirl down the drain.  He was so angry at me, his face turned red and he screamed and screamed.  His head spun around three times and snakes began shooting out of his eyes (ok that might be a bit dramatic but I seriously began to wonder if an exorcism was in order).   

He was still sitting on the throne at this point so I went in and ever so gently wiped him clean so we could move the tantrum to a safer location.  I looked in the toilet and saw blood on the paper.  I felt my knees getting a bit weak.  I wiped again, more blood.  I coaxed him off of the toilet and had him bend over and then I saw it.  Part of him was hanging out.  It looked like a giant grape was trying to escape from his colon.  I kind of freaked.  You nurses are probably laughing at me.  I had no idea what a hemorrhoid looked like.  Luckily it went back inside before I could rush him to the ER.  I did go visit his pediatrician today to make sure all was well.  She didn't laugh but wasn't very concerned either.  If it happens again or his poop gets firm or big then she'll prescribe something but for now he just got so upset he had a hemorrhoid.  

I hope I never see another one and thought my first encounter with one would be on myself not my innocent two year old.  He didn't complain about it hurting and hasn't complained since but I did learn my lesson to let the boy flush his own poop.  (I hope you are not too grossed out and are laughing with me on this one, I had to post it for memory sake) 

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  1. nice one Heidi, I knew if it was about poop it had to be about your cute little boy, too. Glad to know he's figured out all the potty using stuff and now can save you guys a bundle all the while using every toilet around town (at least that is what Isaac does!!!) I'm glad he's okay, too - after his little monster moment of frustration :)