Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Un-birthday!

I have two siblings, both sisters and both younger than I. One sister has three kids and the other two. With my four (I have both the oldest and youngest) that makes nine grandchildren for my parents. We are all busy and all live in NW towns with a few hour drive separating us. It is very difficult for my parents to make it to each child's home or party on their actual birthday. A few years ago my mom came up with the idea to have one big group "birthday" party for the kids. It has been a big hit. We have done lots of fun things. Last year we rented a house at the coast for a couple of nights. This year, we kept things a little more simple and went for a hike and then played minigolf.

Our "birthday" or rather, un-birthday party was this past weekend. I forgot my camera so these were taken on my phone.

my dad, brother in law, nephew and David
Megan and Bekah with one of their cousins

mini golf- Megan, my nephew and the other brother in law

David taking a swing with daddy's help

cupcakes to decorate

this is serious business

don't forget the presents

we have a tradition of one at a time opening gifts from youngest to oldest

We didn't get any group shots this year but I found one from last year...too cute for words.
I just love them all so much!!
Yes my cup runnith over with blessings and these guys are the best of them!


  1. awwww, how fun. And what a cool idea, too!

  2. That's the stuff fond memories are made of. :)