Saturday, September 8, 2012

Can't get them outta my head

It's Friday night and our family is about to sit down to a game of Cities and Knights.  My thoughts keep turning to Meri and her boys.  What is their favorite family game?  Will they be able to play it again with out Ryan around to play with them?  Would we be able to play strategy games like Cities and Knights if Jason weren't here to share in the fun?

Our families have a lot in common.  Meri and Ryan had a once in a lifetime kind of love.  They were married for 19 years.  Meri always posts a sappy anniversary post.  I love these posts because it reminds me of Jason and I who have been married 20 years.  I love the way Meri loves Ryan.  Its rare to find a marriage today with so much devotion and respect.  Three of Meri's boys are the same ages as three of my children. One of her children is obsessed with pie, my Bekah is obsessed with pie.  Their family has a deep faith, our family has a deep faith.  Ryan even looked a little like Jason. 

Saturday mornings they had a routine in their house where Ryan would make these amazing breakfasts.  Meri used to post pictures and I would always drool over them.  Tomorrow morning Ryan should be making breakfast.  His family should not be saying a final public goodbye.  Ugh!  My heart just aches for them.

Please continue to pray for this precious family! 

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