Saturday, January 21, 2012


This is a post made in total exhaustion and if you are a Drent you get it.  I just need to vent my swelly brain becuase right now all I can do is cry.  I am so tired that I can't even sleep.  I just keep crying.  Have you ever been so tired that all you can do is cry?  Not all days/weeks are like this and I try to always put a positive spin on things.  This week has been the week of wonky blood sugars.  One night I am up most of the night fighting lows, think about but don't actually make changes and the next night is every two hours checking BG and ketones and giving correction doses.  Just as I am ready to pull the site her numbers go down and I want to hold on to any semblance that there might be some good numbers ahead.  The day time numbers are great most all of them are in the 100s and rarely above 160.   The nights alternate between low and high with no rhyme or reason as to why.  I have had no more than 2 hours straight of sleep for over a week.  I just want/need a break but diabetes doesn't ever take a break so I will press on and hope that I can get some much needed sleep tonight. 


  1. That is so TOTALLY Matthew these days. It's exhausting!

    His numbers are pretty darn good during the day, but night? He'll go high....the next night low....then high....then steady....then low!

    Absolutely insane! We've been dealing with it for a good 6 months.

    I finally got a 4-day pattern and upped the basal last night. But....he started the night high, so I'm not sure if it worked.

    Just know that you are not alone. Take any naps that you can. Pray for quality sleep. I will keep you in my prayer!

  2. Right there with you, friend. So exhausted and fed up with these wild swings. Stability (& sleep) would be so nice! Hang in there!

  3. Ditto.

    I get it!!!! I hope things improve, and you get. Some well deserved rest!!

  4. ((HUGS)) maybe, just maybe a nap will happen...that's when I catch up most these days. Take care :)