Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our new normal... (in photos)

The following are photos of things that have become a part of our life on a daily basis. Many of these thing we had never seen or thought much about prior to Bekah's diagnosis of T1D. There are lots of photos so I apologize if you have a slow connection.

The calculator ap on my phone. I love it! It saves my bacon many times a day because math and I don't get along all that well. =)

My handy dandy measuring devices (not sure where I'd be with out them)

A new favorite household beverage (0 carbs so Bekah can have it any time)

Glucogon (an injection that we have to give Bekah if she is unresponsive. It tells the liver to dump all of the sugars in to her system to quickly bring her BG level back from critical levels. Our hope is to never have to use it but for safety sake she has to keep it with her at all times)

Our favorite snack (it has 17g carb, 3g fiber, 2g protein, and 7g fat) a good combo to keep blood sugar even

Fasting acting cabs for low BG levels

This is Bekah's diabetes bag. It has everything she needs on a regular basis through out the day. (testing stuff, fast acting carbs, protein/carb snacks, glucogon and extra of everything)

Prize box (Bekah gets a prize for being extra brave and doing a poke herself. Mostly it's just for BG checks but will come in handy for other stuff in the future. I like to keep things positive.) It has pencils, pens, stamps, stickers, sugar free gum, jelly bracelets, tattoos, erasers, little note pads etc.

Sticker sheets (she gets to put a sticker on for each poke)

The log book where I record BG levels and carbs etc

This is a book that I use to look up the carbs in foods with no label (ie. strawberries or pasta) I also have an ap on my phone that I use quite often.

Band-aide box full of fun band-aides.

Night time insulin to give a base line. From my understanding, it works with the sugars produced by the liver.

Sharps container. We fill up about one a month.

These are all of the thing we need to do a BG check. Lancing device, strips, and meter

A finger prick

Hokey Pokey

Lancets to go in the lancing device


needles for the insulin pen

Insulin pen

Used test strips. We go through six or so a day.

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